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2014 Community Calendar Event Dates

You can list events on the 2014 Community Calendar.  The type of event determines how many lines we estimate the event will require.  Rather than counting characters, our line estimate determines the price for the event.  Some events may require more or fewer lines than our estimate, but the pricing remains the same.

Birthdays: 1-Line
Anniversay: 2-Lines
Meetings: 3-Lines
Memorials: 2-Lines

Sponsors will get 1-free line for every $10 of advertising they purchase.  Pre-paid calendars include 1-free line.

Additional lines are available:

1-Line for $2
10-Lines for $10
36-Lines for $20

Let's look at some examples.  

  • If someone purchases two calendars, they would get 2-lines for free and they could list 2-birthdays, 1-anniversary, or 1-memorial. 
  • If someone purchases one calendar, they would get 1-line for free.  If they wanted to list 5-birthdays and 1-anniversary, they would need a total of 7-lines.  They should purchase 10 additional lines for $10.
  • If a church wanted to list four dinners they plan to hold during 2014, they would need 12-lines.  The cost of their event dates would be $14: 10-lines for $10 and 2-lines for $4.
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