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2014 Calendar Photos

Here are the photos featured on the Lions 2014 Community Calendar.

January 2014

2014 January

Conneautville house under renovation.

February 2014

Former Beaver Center School.  Current Beaver Center Community Center.

March 2014

Former Springboro School.  Current Springboro Community Center.

April 2014

Former Hardware Store.  Current Stone Memorial Library in Conneautville.

May 2014

Downtown Springboro.

June 2014

Former Conneautville Garage.  Currently Apartments.

July 2014

Former Shadeland School.  Current Lutheran Church in Shadeland.

August 2014

Downtown Conneautville.

September 2014

Former Conneaut Valley High School.  Current Conneaut Valley Middle School.

October 2014

Saint Peter Rectory and Church.

November 2014

Intersection in Springboro.

December 2014

South End of Conneautville Looking North on Route 18.


Photos are courtesy of the Conneaut Valley Area Historical Society.

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